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Touch-up paint pencil GREEN JUNGLE METALLIC F6X/L2L2

Touch-up paint pencil GREEN JUNGLE METALLIC

Touch-up paint pencil GREEN JUNGLE METALLIC F6X/L2L2

Price: 213 CZK
(175.40 CZK without VAT)
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These items from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range represent a colourful collection of high-quality, environmentally friendly car care products that help you to achieve a professional finish when caring for your vehicle. You can also find touch-up applicators as part of this collection. You can use these not only to touch up hairline scratches but also to repair minor damage to the vehicle‘s paintwork. The touch-up applicators have undergone rigorous laboratory tests and checks to ensure that they are effective, problem-free and offer first-rate quality. ŠKODA AUTO‘s colour palette is very broad. Therefore, before purchasing any touch-up applicators, you must check that you have chosen the correct colour in accordance with the vehicle‘s registration document.

Specification product:
Set contents: Clearcoat (9 ml), Basecoat (9 ml), instructions for use.
Using: Repairs scratches and small areas of damage to the paintwork. To ensure a high-quality, effective repair, the damaged area must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased using a suitable cleaning agent before the touch-up paint is applied. Only after this step is carried out can the touch-up paint be used.

Limitations: Only to be used for the purposes for which it was intended, as stated in the accompanying instructions for use. Repair work must be carried out in a well ventilated area – touch-up paints contain flammable substances.

Keep out of reach of children!

Please note: This product is classified as dangerous goods. In accordance with safety guidelines, such goods may only be shipped via DHL or purchased through an authorised ŠKODA E-shop partner.