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Home page > Spare bulb set with fog light for Kodiaq
Spare bulb set with fog light for Kodiaq.

Spare bulb set with fog light for Kodiaq

Spare bulb set with fog light for Kodiaq.

Price: 1,388 CZK
(1,146.90 CZK without VAT)
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“See and be seen”, the well-known traffic safety rule, is becoming increasingly relevant in today´s world where the density of road traffic keeps growing. The vehicle´s exterior lighting is required to be functional at all times, the vehicle needs to be properly visible in any weather conditions and defects need to be fixed on the spot, if possible. That is why the spare bulb set is part of the compulsory vehicle equipment. To ensure proper functionality of the exterior lighting system, ŠKODA Genuine Accessories offers a spare bulb set for each type of vehicle, in line with the vehicle´s accessory configuration. The set contents are identical with the bulbs that are fitted by the manufacturer in the series production process. Arranged in a user-friendly manner, the bulbs and fuses are provided in a closable plastic box with a transparent lid that has its place in the tool box stored in the boot. If there is no more space in the tool box, store the spare bulb box in the netting system. When replacing a bulb, t   new bulb needs to be placed correctly to the socket in the headlamp or integrated taillight concerned / fuse to the correct slot in the fuse panel.

Designed for:

Limitations: Halogen s mlhovkou, SBBR top / +8ID+8SQ+8WB

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