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Rear parking sensors for Octavia III.

Rear parking sensors Octavia III

Rear parking sensors for Octavia III.

Price: 11,000 CZK
(9,090.90 CZK without VAT)
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This product requires professional installation This product requires professional installation


The parking sensors are the simple solution for correctly reversing. They reduce the risk of colliding with people or objects that are out of the driver‘s line of sight (low walls, railings, or even small children). The sensors are fitted recessed into the lower section of the rear bumper so that they do not spoil the vehicle‘s aesthetics. Using ultrasonic waves, the sensors calculate the distance between the vehicle and the potential obstruction. An acoustic signal through the speaker or an indicator on the infotainment screen keeps the driver informed about how much space there is behind the vehicle. Whilst the parking sensors are the perfect assistant when it comes to reversing or manoeuvring, the driver is, however, in no way absolved of responsibility for having the vehicle under control at all times. Before reversing, the driver must make sure that there are no small obstacles behind the vehicle (e.g. rocks, narrow pillars, trailer tow bars, etc.). This type of obstacle may lie outside of the area that    monitored. When washing the car with pressurised water, never direct the pressure washer nozzle at the sensors fitted in the rear bumper.

The description of how the rear parking sensors work and a visual representation of the area monitored can be found in the Owner‘s Manual.

Specification of product:
Set contents:
Wiring harness for connecting the sensors to the rear bumper, wiring harness for the rear parking sensors for the vehicle interior, control unit, control unit retainer, speaker, sensor (x 4), spacer for the sensor (x 4), left-hand side / right-hand side / centre sensor brackets (1+1+2), protection connector, 7.5 A MINI fuse, connecting materials, fitting instructions

Limitations: For left-hand drive Octavia (5E) vehicles produced until CW 31/2018. The set can only be fitted to vehicles equipped with the PR 9S5 „Medium“ multifunctional display (MFA) or the PR 9S6 „Colour“ multifunctional display (MFA).

Installation position: In the rear bumper.

Designed for:

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