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Protective boot tray Superb III.

Protective boot tray Superb III

Protective boot tray Superb III.

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Every driver likes the interior of their car to be not only cosy, but also clean. A part of the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories portfolio, the protective boot tray is a practical accessory that keeps the boot of your ŠKODA Superb clean while also increasing the comfort when arranging your cargo. The protective boot copies the boot shape accurately, so it does not require any kind of special mounting. In order to empty it out or wash it with water or non-abrasive agents, the tray can be easily and quickly removed from the car without a risk of dirt falling into the luggage compartment. The tray is made of polyethylene which resists both chemical substances and mechanical load very well. It is recommended to combine it with the netting system.

Product details:

Color: black 
Material: Low-density polyethylene

Fitting: Insert loosely into the boot

Maintenance: Standard soap-based cleaning agents. Don't use abrasive cleaning agents
or solvents.

Designed for cars:
Superb limousine III (produced from 2015 to the present)

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