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Rear aero wiper blade for Yeti.

Rear wiper blade for Yeti

Rear aero wiper blade for Yeti.

Price: 318 CZK
(262.30 CZK without VAT)
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ŠKODA Genuine Wipers represent guarantee of quality and reliability. They have been developed and tested specifically for ŠKODA models, and they went through rigorous testing, both in laboratories and on the road. They have been tested in temperatures from -40 to 100 °C and they fulfil all the manufacturer’s requirements. They are 100% effective under any conditions and their virtues include perfect adhesiveness and clean wipe of exactly defined field of view.

Fully and quality wiper blades provide good visibility from the vehicle even in bad weather. Therefore, we recommend that you devote appropriate attention to wiper blades. Thanks to regular monitoring adherence to improve rear visibility and the wiper blades allow safe driving.

Designed for cars:

Roomster (produced from 04/2009 to the present)

Notice: The photo is just illustrative.

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